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C5362 Royal Caribbean Cruises
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Location: Springfield, Oregon
Architect: Spangenberg Phillips
Customer: Workstage, LLC.
Representative: Creative Design Concepts (Tel#: 206-789-9500)

Project size: 4970 square feet (Domus: 1220, Illusions: 3750)
Products: Columnar, Domus, Illusions
Size: 1'-3" x 2'-4" x 10'-0"
Quantity: 52
Material: .080 aluminum with laminate veneer
Finish: Sarante™
Type: Concave Curve, 34'-3 1/4" radius
Size: 37'-6" diameter x 5'-1 high with 12'-0" diameter open center
Grid: Curved formed steel, matte black
Style: Returned edge with torsion springs
Material: .040 aluminum with laminate veneer
Finish: Maple Sarante™
Size: 5-3/4" to 17-3/4" wide x approx. 56" long, with 1/2" reveal
Perforation: SD-11, 3/32" x .265" diagonal centers, 10% open
Acoustics: Natural Soundtex
Grid: Formed steel, matte black
Material: .063 aluminum with laminate veneer
Finish: Maple Sarante™
Size: 42" x 84"
Perforation: SD-15, 3/32" x 3/8" straight centers, 5% open
Acoustics: Natural Soundtex

Photographer: Johnny Castillo

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