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C5132 Palm Springs Convention Center - Expansion
Location: Palm Springs, California
Website: www.palmspringscc.com
Architect: Fentress Bradburn Architects, LTD
Customer: Preferred Ceilings

Project size: 40,000 sq. ft. (20,000 exterior + 20,000 interior)
Products: Planx (Interior and Exterior)
Grid: Compound curving aluminum (exterior) and steel (interior)
Panel: 12" wide x 8'-0" long with 2" reveal
Finish: White Maple
Fentress Bradburn Architects prides itself on its ability to unearth and exploit the unique and often dramatic combination of physical, emotional and aesthetic elements that surround and define a site, and use those to create the building design.

In the case of the Palm Springs Convention Center, design inspiration was derived from contrasting Palm Springs' local desert environment with its soaring mountain backdrop. The building's primary image comes from the powerful San Jacinto Mountains to the West, with their undulating ridgelines serving as inspiration for the building's strong ceiling and roofline. The angular, rocky, windswept edges of the mountains have been artfully interpreted by creating irregularly shaped and canted massive stone pylons on the western façade of the building. A deeply angular and somewhat serpentine Ceilings Plus' Planx wood ceiling canopy, inspired by nearby Palm Canyon's rock formations, streams and washes, offers unobstructed views of the Mountains, and completely shades the main entry and lobby.

Ceilings Plus wood soffits are complimentary to all of the materials used to create a unique architecture.

The primary feature of this project is the undulating curving ceiling. It appears to be free flowing but, in reality, was derived from the shape of the San Jacinto mountain range, which it faces. Ceilings Plus constructed and generated a three-dimensional model so that elevation points, component identification, quantities and fabrication information could be extracted.

Several months prior to fabrication, Ceilings Plus had to secure all raw materials so that samples could be submitted to the architect for review and approval. At this point, the design process has been finalized. A wide range of color choices was reviewed prior to the final selection.

The following considerations were made:

• The proper selection of wood species that would be stabile for both interior and exterior.
• The proper substrates for the harsh exterior environment.
• All wood ceiling surfaces, interior and exterior to be Class 1.
• Selecting the right finishes and the ability to withstand an extremely hostile exterior environment. The outside temperature can be below freezing and exceed 120°F. The extremes in humidity ranges was also challenging.

The exterior suspension system was designed for 80 mph wind speed, exposure C, seismic zone 4 and wind pressures at over 60 lbs. per square foot.

The interior Planx ceiling had a different support design than the exterior ceiling. 12" wide Planx panels with 2" continuous reveals were backed with 2" thick, 1 1/2" lb. density, black faced fiberglass insulation.

Photographer: Johnny Castillo

Photographer: Joe Mercolino

Completed Project
Photographer: Al Kiechle
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