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A. Drawings and general provisions of Contract including General and Supplementary Conditions.


A. This section describes the requirements for providing the column cover system as indicated on the drawings and specified, to include:

1. Metal Column Covers

2. Column Cover attachment brackets and bases as specified.

3. Accessories; provide all other necessary items including devices for attachments to overhead construction, splices, connecting clips, base reveals, trims and all other devices required for a complete installation.

4. Coordinate items penetrating or being integrated into other systems with responsible trades.

5. Finish to comply with specification herein and section ________ finishes.

1.03 Quality Assurance

A. Reference Standards:

1. Local Building Code, current edition requirements.

1.04 Submittals

A. Comply with the requirements of Division 1, Section 01300, Submittals.

B. Product Data: Submit manufacturer's product descriptions and specifications for column cover system.

C. Samples: Submit full size of column cover panel minimum of 12" long showing straight edge detail with an attached suspension system and perimeter trim member in the specified finish.

D. Shop Drawings:

1. Provide properly dimensioned shop drawings showing column layout. Show all locations, markings, quantities, materials, sizes and shapes and indicate all methods of connecting, anchoring, fastening, bracing and attaching to work of other trades. Shop drawing submittals to be on computer aided design systems and furnished on computer disks. System shall be compatible with that of the architect.



A. Project design is based on materials and attachment systems of Ceilings Plus, Los Angeles, CA 800-822-3411,

Other manufacturers must be approved prior to the bid in written form, by the architect. Specified manufacturer's standard of quality and manufacturing tolerances shall be criteria for evaluating "equivalent" product.


A. System "Columnar", Decorative metal enclosure used to conceal structural columns or building functions. Ceilings Plus attachment hardware to be included.

B. Aluminum substrate in adequate thickness, min. .090" to avoid deflection. Material shall be free from surface blemishes in finished unit. (Finish of aluminum to be per the architect's selection. Describe finish)

C. Horizontal seams allowed only where indicated on plans. No less than 12'-0" o.c. or as shown. Reveals, if shown on contract drawings, shall be free of seams or exposed attachments.

D. Positive alignment clips to be provided to maintain tight hairline joints.

E. Anchors and inserts: furnish and install anchoring devices as required for installation of column covers.

F. Factory fabricate and finish all components to the satisfaction of the architect. The installation system shall allow for removable components without the use of exposed fasteners, hardware or supports. All brackets and hardware shall be illustrated on shop drawings. Provide for ceiling reveal and cove base as shown on plans.

G. Joint reveals and alignments shall not exceed plus or minus 1/64".



A. General Installation:

1. Materials shall be installed in strict accordance with procedures recommended by the manufacturer and requirements of agencies having jurisdiction. All materials for this section shall be from a single source manufacturer with minimum 5 years experience with products of the nature specified.

2. Install work in strict accordance with manufacturer's recommendations and approved shop drawings.

3. Install work consistent with specified quality, plumb, level, true and straight with no distortions. Shim as required, using slate, or other nonorganic shims.

4. The method of attachment shall be by concealed brackets and other hardware to be furnished by the column enclosure manufacturer. The installation shall be in strict accordance with shop drawings and engineering instructions to be furnished by Ceilings Plus, and as approved by the architect.

5. The contractor responsible for the work of this section shall be qualified and experienced in the performance of this work and done so for no less than a period of 5 years.

B. Product Handling

1. Delivery: Deliver column components to job site in unopened containers designed to protect product on site as well as in transit, properly identified with product manufacturer's name, trade name and other applicable identification including column coordinates.

2. Storage: Store all materials in dry and protected locations until installation.

3. Remove protective film material from columns only when space is completely clean and dust free of airborne particles. Clean, cotton white gloves shall be used for final installation.

4. Remove and replace units that have been damaged or cannot be satisfactorily cleaned to the owner's or architect's acceptance, at no additional cost to the owner. To clean materials follow manufacturer's written cleaning procedures.

C. Maintenance

1. Maintenance instructions, as written by the manufacturer, are to be left with the building owner.