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Use of 3D CAD/Modeling at Ceilings Plus

Fashion Show Mall
Las Vegas, Nevada

The Fashion Show Mall ceiling, in plan view, is an elongated ellipse. This ceilings low point is at the center of the ellipse, rising in both directions along an elliptical arc so that the entire perimeter is level and at the same elevation. A 3D model was constructed by Ceilings Plus to provide information for support grid and panel curvature. Hanger point elevations were also extracted from the model.

For more information about this project <<click here>>.

Hobby Center for the Performing Arts
Houston, Texas

This ceiling is located high above the main lobby. The curvature varies from one end of the ceiling to the other end and rises from the wall to the window. Ceilings Plus 3D model was used to provide information for support grid curvature and hanger point elevations.

For more information about this project <<click here>>.

Kodak Theatre
Hollywood & Highland
Hollywood, California

Nearly half of an ellipsoid, the support grid was to simulate that latitude and longtude lines of the earth on its side. To manufacture the compound curving grid structure, and compound curving panels, Ceilings Plus created a 3D model of the ceiling. Information for the intersection clips were also extracted from the model.

For more information about this project <<click here>>.

Nikken Corporate Headquarters
Irvine, California

The geometry of this ceiling, based on the architectural plans/elevations/sections, is shaped like an egg on its side. Compound curving sculpted perimeter trims increased the complexity of this project. Ceilings Plus, using the latest technology, was able to provide smooth compound curving ceiling panels, where others would have provided facetted panels.

To manufacture a complex ceiling system of this nature, Ceilings Plus developed a 3D model based on the geometry of an egg, as the architect had intended. The 3D model provided manufacturing data for the grid matrix and the numerous panel types. Hanger point elevations and x/y coordinates were also derived from the model.

For more information about this project <<click here>>.

Palm Springs Convention Center
Palm Springs, California

The building's primary image comes from the powerful San Jacinto Mountains to the West, with their undulating ridgelines serving as inspiration for the building's strong ceiling and roofline. The angular, rocky, windswept edges of the mountains have been artfully interpreted by creating irregularly shaped and canted massive stone pylons on the western façade of the building. A deeply angular and somewhat serpentine Ceilings Plus' Planx wood ceiling canopy, inspired by nearby Palm Canyon's rock formations, streams and washes, offers unobstructed views of the Mountains, and completely shades the main entry and lobby.

Ceilings Plus's 3D model was used in the manufacture of various components in the compound curving grid support system. The model also provided information for numerous elevation points and helped to coordinate the location and installation of the concave/convex/undulating support grid.

For more information about this project <<click here>>.

Schuster Performing Arts Center
Dayton, Ohio

The centerpiece of the Schuster theatre is this varying size stacked conical dome which, in plan view, is elliptical.

A 3D model created by Ceilings Plus helped to understand the complex geometry of this stacked dome, and provide information on the relationship between various components involved in this project. Data from the model was used in manufacturing the support frames, grids, panels, trims and fascias.

For more information about this project <<click here>>.

American Museum of Natural History
Rose Center - Hayden Planetarium
New York City, New York

Not a ceiling, but a precision spherical 'shell' attached to a structural steel frame. Perforated acoustical spherical panels is supported by compound curving extruded aluminum framework. Each panel was designed to be accessible. A structural aluminum sub-framing/truss system was used to anchor the framework to the structural steel.

Ceilings Plus constructed a 3D model to aid in the manufacture of the primary shell support structure that attach to the structural steel at over 500 anchor points. Since each anchor point was unique, the model provided information on what type of connection could be made at those locations. The sculptured entry trims, used in the four entrances to the sphere, were machined from solid aluminum using a 5-axis CNC mill. Data for grid/frame/panel sizes and curvature were also extracted from the model.

Another 3D model was created for the manufacturing jig that was used for fabrication of various grid and panel assemblies/components.

For more information about this project <<click here>>.

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