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Matching between Adjacent Veneer Leaves

It is possible to achieve certain visual effects by the manner in which leaves are arranged. As noted, rotary veneers are difficult to match, therefore most matching is done with sliced veneers. Ceilings Plus will furnish "Book Matching" for all veneers except Maple. "Slip Matching" will be used for Maple. Please see Note below.

Book Matching
Every other piece of veneer is turned over, so that adjacent leaves are "opened" as two pages in a book.

Visual effect of book matching - Veneer joints match, creating a symmetrical pattern. Yields maximize continuity of grain. Prominent characteristics will ascend or descend across the match.
May be used with plain, quarter or rift sliced veneers. Book matching is the most common match in hardwood veneer. Because the "tight" and "loose" faces alternate in adjacent leaves, they may refract the light differently and this may yield a noticeable color variation in some species or flitches.
Book Matching Slip Matching Random Matching
Ceilings Plus does not end match unless specifically noted in construction specifications. End matching significantly adds to the cost.

Note: Wood is a natural material with variations in color, grain and texture. Finished product may differ slightly from sample to sample and an exact match cannot be guaranteed.
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