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Wood Panel Quality Standards for the 21st Century

Presented by Ceilings Plus
With fast moving advances in architectural woodwork, many designers and specifiers have been asking for updated quality standards they can use when designing and specifying wood wall and ceilings panels. Ceilings Plus offers the following information as a service to the industry.

While objective information about many types of wood panels is provided, information about Arboreal® panels from Ceilings Plus is highlighted.

Concern about sustainable building is one of the most important forces driving innovation in architectural woodwork. This has lead to advances in adhesives and coatings, the introduction of new types of cores, and development of programs to certify woods harvested from sustainable forest.
Programs such as the USGBC's LEED program have also made designers more aware of the recycled content and the other "green" benefits of certain panel systems.

Trends in interior architecture are also contributing to the changing expectations for architectural wood panels. For example, increased concern about noise, reverberation time, and speech privacy in open offices make it desirable to improve the noise reduction characteristics of panels. Increasing sophistication of HVAC and telecommunication cabling requires that contemporary ceilings be lightweight and easily removable for access to ceiling plenums or partition cavities. Moreover, many designers are exploring new geometries, which require the manufacturing of panels in an endless variety of configurations and curves.

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