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Recycle up to 32 aluminum cans per square foot of panel from Ceilings Plus.

Aluminum Recycling for Educators
LEED program fact sheet (PDF)

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1 LEED Project Checklist
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    LEED™ Project Checklist

Recycled Aluminum Walls and Ceiling Panels
Arboreal™ Wood Wall and Ceiling Panels
From Ceilings Plus

When the US Green Building Council launched its Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) program, one of its goals was to stimulate development of new building products that facilitate sustainable design and construction. That is exactly the impact LEED has had at Ceilings Plus. With the urging of customers throughout North America, we have begun examining every aspect of our products and operations to find ways to produce greener building products.

This initiative has lead to several breakthroughs. For example, we changed our aluminum to an alloy containing up to 75% Post Consumer and 24% Post Industrial recycled material content, totaling up to 98% recycled content. And our new Arboreal panels, with real wood veneers on a recycled aluminum core, may possibly be the greenest wood panel available.

Ceilings Plus panels may be directly applicable to this LEED credits
While panels do not contribute directly to meeting this LEED credit or prerequisite, they may make it easier for you to comply with or implement the intent of LEED criteria.
    Energy & Atmosphere
Prereq 1 Fundamental Building Systems Commissioning  
Credit 5 Measurement & Verification  
    Commissioning, measuring, and verifying the performance of building systems requires mechanical, electrical and other operating equipment to be accessible for inspection and maintenance. Ceilings Plus panels allow easy access to equipment located above ceilings and inside wall panels. Access is accommodated in three ways: 1) Panels are exceptionally lightweight and easy to handle. 2) The torsion springs and other mounting mechanisms allow panels to be removed and replaced without special tools. And, 3) Large panel sizes allow quick and easy access to equipment.  
    Prereq 2 Minimum Energy Performance  
    Credit 1 Optimize Energy Performance  
  1) Highly reflective panels, with light reflectance values as high as LRV = 0.82, reduce energy required for lighting. (See www.ceilingsplus.com for information on finishes and perforation patterns.)  
2) We can custom fabricate panels that integrate high-performance air diffusers into the design of your ceiling, providing optimum HVAC performance without sacrificing appearance.  
    Materials & Resources
Credit 2.1 Construction Waste Management, Divert 50%  
Credit 2.2 Construction Waste Management, Divert 75%  
    Prefabricated panels from Ceilings Plus are factory-cut to size, significantly reducing field cutting and scrap that would have to be diverted into the construction waste stream. In addition, panels are wrapped to minimize packaging while still protecting the panels during transport and handling.  
Credit 3.1 Resource Reuse, Specify 5%  
Credit 3.2 Resource Reuse, Specify 10%  
    Ceilings Plus panels can be salvaged for reuse. Unlike the frangible materials in ordinary acoustical panels, our panels resist damage and can be cleaned or refinished without loss of acoustical properties. Even if used panels are not available for your current project, the long lifecycle of our panels is an environmental benefit when planning for future remodeling.  
Credit 4.1 Recycled Content, Specify 5% (post-consumer + ½ post-industrial)  
Credit 4.2 Recycled Content, Specify 10% (post-consumer + ½ post-industrial)  
    Ceilings Plus fabricates panels from Aluminum Alloy 3105 produced with up to 98% recycled aluminum (75% post consumer). The steel used in the suspension systems for our panels has between 25% and 30% recycled material content. In addition, if it is necessary to recycle our panels, there are ready markets for scrap metal and the materials can be recycled repeatedly without degradation of value.
To calculate the value our panels can contribute to these credits, click here.
Credit 5.1 Local/Regional Materials, 20% Manufactured Locally  
    Ceilings Plus panels can help qualify for this credit if your project is within 500 miles of Los Angeles, California.  
Credit 5.2 Local/Regional Materials, of 20% Above, 50% Harvested Locally  
    The aluminum we used is produced locally from regionally collected recycled aluminum.
To calculate the value our panels can contribute to these credits, click here.
  Credit 7 Certified Wood  
    When specified, the wood veneers used to produce Arboreal™ panels can be provided with certified wood and a chain-of-custody certificate.
To calculate the value our panels can contribute to these credits, click here.
    Indoor Environmental Quality
Prereq 1 Minimum IAQ Performance  
Credit 2 Ventilation Effectiveness  
    Ceilings Plus can custom fabricate panels to integrate with most types of air diffusers and ventilation devices required. In addition, the smooth, dense surfaces of our panels minimize opportunities for growth and dissemination of microorganisms.  
Credit 3.1 Construction IAQ Management Plan: During Construction  
Credit 3.2 Construction IAQ Management Plan: Before Occupancy  
    Ceilings Plus panels minimize contribution to indoor air contamination because they are fabricated off-site to reduce on-site cutting and finishing, they do not contain frangible materials that release fibers or dust, and have smooth, dense surfaces that are easy to clean.  
Credit 4.1 Low-Emitting Materials, Adhesives & Sealants  
Credit 4.2 Low-Emitting Materials, Paints  
    Ceilings Plus panels are prefabricated and release zero VOCs on the project site.
  Credit 4.4 Low-Emitting Materials, Composite Wood & Agrifiber  
    Arboreal wood panels contain no added urea-formaldehyde resins.  
Credit 8.1 Daylight & Views, Daylight 75% of Spaces  
Credit 8.2 Daylight & Views, Views for 90% of Spaces  
    Ceilings Plus panels can be used effectively to maximize daylight penetration and views. Our curved panels, especially, in conjunction with our highly reflective finishes, can be used to create light scopes or to make the most of clearstory glazing or window walls.  
    Innovation & Design Process
? ? Credit 1.1 Innovation in Design  
    With our CAD/CAM manufacturing process, your most creative concepts are now affordable. We encourage you to contact Ceilings Plus with your design innovations. Please consider the following: 1) The durability of Ceilings Plus panels make them appropriate to use when performing life-cycle cost calculations. 2) Lightweight panels minimize shipping energy and reduce dead load on superstructure. And, 3) The acoustical performance of Arboreal panels allows unprecedented noise reduction from a wood panel.  
    Notice: Ceilings Plus uses the latest in computer-aided design and manufacturing technology to custom produce each panel. As such, the above information represents typical conditions but may have to be modified to meet specific project conditions. Please contact Ceilings Plus or a LEED Accredited Professional for additional assistance, or click here for a LEED Credit Calculator.  
    Contact Ceilings Plus at 800-822-3411 or www.ceilingsplus.com.
    © ™ 2004, Ceilings Plus. LEED is ™ US Green Building Council, www.usgbc.org
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